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海军商标]2 合 1 咖啡乌(含糖) /无糖咖啡乌Salute Brand Coffee 2 in 1/Kopi ‘O’ Kosong



Salute brand coffee 2 in 1 Kopi ‘O’

(Local Coffee with sugar added)

Ideally known as traditional black coffee. The coffee is roasted with special ingredients and strictly adhered formula. This blend of coffee is a favorite morning beverage among the locals. Its aroma and unique taste suit the palate of the Local coffee drinkers. It comes with small sachet containing high quality coffee powder with sugar.

海军商标 2 合 1 咖啡乌

(本地咖啡加糖) 通常又称为传统咖啡乌。


Packing Size :

30 sachets X 30gm 包装 : 30 小包袋 X 30克