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DOUBLE CAMEL BRAND FERMENTED Light Soya Sauce King (1005) 900GM 头抽



Kong Guan Sauce and Food Mfg Sdn Bhd is the manufacturer for Double Camel / Twin Camel Soya Sauce. We offer this richly aromatic product fit for enchaning the aroma and taste of your cooking or dipping your delicacies. Kong Guan Sauce and Food Mfg Sdn Bhd have been established since 1945 and specializes in soy sauce manfacturing. Our core value is providing a authentic fermented soya sauce products using our gained experience and expertise in fermentation for our customers using selected quality ingredients. We have our own lab cater to monitor each and every step of our fermentation process so that quality is maintained.
Competitive advantage : 1. No MSG added / No chemical additives 2. Using (IP / Identity preserved) Canadian NON GMO soybean 3. Using Cold press which is equivalent to first draw 4. 3 MCPD not detected
Product Highlight: 1. Quality assured 2.Product produced under the scope of ISO , HACCP and Halal management system 3. Complies to Malaysian Food Regulations 1985
Ingredients: Non – GMO Soybean, Non – GMO Wheat , Salt, Sugar and Water Containes: Sodium Benzoate (E211)