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Garlic Oil(Minyak Bawang Putih)蒜头香油



Don’t miss the excellent garlic oil and onion oil from Hockey, 100% pure, without any preservatives. Whether it’s fried dishes, steamed eggs, fried fish, hot pot etc. with the addition of a little garlic oil and onion oil from Hockey , the whole dish seems to be completely upgraded, the fragrance is overflowing, and it is put into the mouth to chew slowly, The more chewy the more fragrant, it will definitely make you addicted to eating.

千万不容错过Hockey 五星师傅推出的上等蒜油与葱油, 100% 纯正, 不添加任何. 无论是炒菜, 蒸蛋, 煎鱼或是火锅等等, 只要加上少许 Hockey出品的蒜油及葱油, 整道菜似乎完全了, 香味四溢, 放进嘴里细嚼慢品, 越嚼越香, 肯定能让您胃口大开.