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NutriPlus Chicken Frankfurter With Cheese (芝士鸡肉香肠)300grm



NutriPlus Chicken Frankfurter with Cheese 300G (6 Pieces) NutriPlus 芝士鸡肉香肠 300G (6 条) NutriPlus Hotdog Cheese Ayam 300G (6 Batang) Nutriplus Chicken Frankfurter with Cheese is made from fresh, natural, skinless whole chicken and loaded with cheese! Experience the superb flavor and smooth texture of the franks yourself.

You will surely be impressed with it. Healthier, more nutritious, Awarded Superbrands Malaysia 2002, Halal – Malaysia Cheese Chicken Frankfurter

INGREDIENTS Chicken Meat, Cheese, Salt, Dextrose, Permitted Food Conditioners, Spice Extracts, Sodium Nitrate.