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Rose Brand Heng Lee Thick Soya Sauce花标恒利晒油 600ml



Rose Brand Thick Soya Sauce【600ml】 玫瑰牌晒油(黑酱油)【600ml】

Heng Lee flavoured Thick Soya Sauce is made from quality soybeans. Its natural, rich and dark color will enhance the appearance of meat and stir-fried dishes in a natural style. It is also suitable as dip and marinade too. 🌷玫瑰牌恒利酱料 Heng Lee Sauce Ramuan: Kacang Soya, Tepung Gandum, Garam, Gula. Mengandungi Bahan Pengawet yang Dibenarkan. Ingredients: Soy Bean, Wheat Flour, Salt, and Sugar.

Permitted Food Preservatives.

– No Articifial Colors 无人造色素

– No Articifial Flavor 无人工香料

– No preservation 无防腐剂

✅ HALAL Certificate

✅ Buatan Malaysia

✅ MeSTI certified