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TOP Powder Laundry Detergent – Silky Miracle (2.1kg)



Formulated with Soft & Silky Smooth Technology which make ironing easy and also enchanting your senses up to 100 days* with luxurious fragrance from Living Flower Technology

Micro-Clean Tech cleans both visible and invisible stains so your laundry is hygienically clean.

TOP Micro-Clean Tech is:-Anti Sebum – pulls out trapped sweat and body oil99.9% Anti Mite-Dust – removes 99.9%* of mite-dustAnti Malodour – prevents malodour99.9% Anti Bacteria – eliminates 99.9%* of bacteria*Based on independent lab test in Japan

ISO 14001 Certified ISO 9001 Certified Certified Halal by JAKIM